Double-axle trailers

The double-axle agricultural trailers are constructed by a steel frame. Front axle is coupled with a turntable. Unloading is conducted by a 3-way tipping. Hinged and removable sideboards which can be opened downwards or upwards. Transforming the trailer into a flatbed trailer/platform suitable for transporting different types of palletised loads, straw bales, and other materials. Additionally, the trailers can be customised to transport silage. The braking system can be mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic and the activation is directly by the brake pedal of the rowing machine. Leaf springs have been chosen for the front and back suspension. As an additional kit, we offer a spare wheel with support, Archimedean screw, roof tarpaulin with mechanical blind and mesh sides for transportation of silage, connection for coupling of a second trailer.

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